Railenium Railenium

Referent system in the railway field, the Technologic Research Institute Railenium is an R&D centre of excellence in a network of companies and laboratories’ partners. It pilots projects of industrial innovation It develops mutualised tools for the certification process. It works towards a mutualised training offer under the aegis of Fer de France implying its universities and school members. It supports the industrial members to develop new solutions regarding their future and to improve their competiveness.

Its objectives are:
• stimulate competitiveness of the companies and performance of the railway network through innovation and development of technological bricks;
• promote the attractiveness of the field in terms of cost, reliability, security, comfort, environmental impacts and performance of the innovation cycle.

Alius consulting Alius consulting

Alius is the latin word meaning “other” or “something else”.
The name reflects the philosophy of the company: combining an innovative way a strong consulting and management experience with a deep technical knowledge of rail system.
By optimally blending the experience gained in real operations, inputs from the academic world and established tools like TRENO, alius makes planning and simulation of complex railway networks more efficient and effective.
Our probabilistic approach allows reproducing the operations not only under ideal and theoretical conditions but also under the real, everyday-changing situations.
Besides the support to our clients in optimising and improving their rail services, we incrementally develop our methods and tools to further increasing their efficiency and accuracy.


IFSTTAR is a major player in the European research on the city and the territories, transportation and civil engineering.
The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, born on January 1st 2011, from the merger of INRETS and LCPC, is a Public Institution of a Scientific and Technical Nature, under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea and the ministry of higher education and research.

"New organisation of reference in the international arena, IFSTTAR conducts applied research and expert appraisals in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues with the aim of improving the living conditions of our fellow citizens and, more widely, promoting the sustainable development of our societies."

OpenTrack Railway Technology Ltd. OpenTrack Railway Technology Ltd.

The Company
OpenTrack Railway Technology Ltd. develops and markets simulation tools for public transport systems, and develops data exchange formats for railway applications. OpenTrack Railway Technology is a spin- off-company from the ETH Zurich. The company was founded in 2006.

Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). In further countries local distributors are responsible for the distribution and marketing of our simulation tool OpenTrack (Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Malaysia, China).

Business Activities
OpenTrack is a railway simulation tool developed at the ETH Zurich. It is a catalyst for practical economic solutions to complex railway technology problems. OpenTrack Railway Technology also provides consulting services in railway information technology.


SNCF is a global leader in passenger and freight transport services, with revenue of €31.4 billion in 2015, of which 33% on international markets (including OHL full year). With 260,000 employees in 120 countries, SNCF draws on its foundations in French rail and on its extensive experience as an architect of transport services. It aims to become the benchmark for mobility and logistics solutions, both in France and worldwide.
SNCF has five core businesses: SNCF Réseau (management and operation of the French rail network); SNCF Voyageurs (commuter transport in the Paris region, regional and inter-city public transport, high-speed rail in France and Europe, and management and development of stations); SNCF Logistics (freight transport and logistics worldwide); Keolis (mass transit and public transport in Europe and around the globe); and SNCF Immobilier (management and optimization of SNCF property and land assets).

Rail Concept Rail Concept

RAIL CONCEPT has grown from a foundation of specialised expertise that has been acquired over many years working with big names in the industry.
The characteristics of our engineers embody who we are: knownledge, knowhow and an innovative outlook.

Rail Concept has developed IngeTime software that make it possible to deal with increasingly complex issues linked to the operation of railway lines. Scheduling studies and operation simulations are a way for railway operators to analyse the feasibility and reliability of the operations of a new line or of new services on an existing line:
Detailed operation studies based on a precise network configuration as well as simulations using TVM, ERTMS2 signalling systems, etc
Timetable stability studies in degraded conditions, comparative studies, calculations of irregularity rates for planned services,
Evaluation of degree of saturation and reserve capacity for an existing railway facility or of a new line (lines, junctions and stations),
Train frequency organisation studies, especially with interval-service timetables for regional services.

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