Best papers selection for JRTPM Special issue

The organization committee, scientific advisory committee and IAROR board members have voted for the following best papers:


1 - Timetable Optimization during Railway Infrastructure Maintenance - Diego Arenas, Paola Pellegrini, Saïd Hanafi and Joaquin Rodriguez

2 - A quasi-birth-and-death process approach for integrated capacity and reliability modeling of railway systems with fallible infrastructure components - Norman Weik and Nils Nießen

3 - Resolving instability in railway timetabling problems - Nikola Besinovic, Egidio Quaglietta and Rob M.P. Goverde

4 - Scheduling additional trains on a high-speed rail corridor - Yuan Gao and Lixing Yang 

5 - Towards a comprehensive model for track allocation and roll-time scheduling at marshalling yards - Sara Gestrelius, Martin Aronsson, Martin Joborn and Markus Bohlin    

6 - Increasing Performance of Railway Systems by Exploitation of the Relationship between Capacity and Operation Quality - Jiajian Liang, Ullrich Martin and Yong Cui

6 - Integrated Optimization of Traffic Management and Train Control for Rail Networks - Xiaojie Luan, Francesco Corman, Yihui Wang, Lingyun Meng and Gabriel Lodewijks    

8 - Optimization of supplements and buffer times in passenger robust microscopic timetabling - Sofie Burggraeve and Pieter Vansteenwegen   

8 - Solving Large-Scale Train Timetable Adjustment Problems under Infrastructure Maintenance Possessions - Sander Van Aken, Nikola Besinovic and Rob M.P. Goverde 

10 - Capacity Utilisation and Performance at Railway Stations - John Armstrong and John Preston

10 - Markov Chain Model for Delay Distribution in Train Schedules - Ismail Sahin   

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